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Mutated Copy 03:37


Translocation, in genetic terms, occurs when information on one chromosome moves onto another, or chromosomes trade information, resulting in a corrupted, mutated copy of the source material.

Translocation, in spiritual terms, is used to describe a host of experiences that challenge the consensus reality model of three dimensional space and of objects and beings moving in one direction along an additional time axis. Out of body experiences, UFO abductions and psychic communication – all of these phenomena count as forms of translocation.

“I” died.

“I” experienced in a flash the cold, dispassionate reality of this transformation even as “I” experienced the non-being of this reality.

The universe split in two in that moment, the world of “I” and the world in which “I” is dead, inanimate matter.

Acceptance of that world scars the other, the world in which “I” is alive, in which the world worlds, in which I is.

There is now a vortex that links these mutual impossibilities: being-alive and being-dead, world-animate and world-inanimate, the cast of selves and the image which unites them.

This other world is not a world in which “I” is not. It is a world perceived from the perspective of a composite life which has decomposed into molecules and microbes.

The microbes do not mourn, nor slowly forget and move on.

“I” has no part in this world. And yet “I” has been there.

“I” has seen it with “my” “own” “eyes”.


released January 29, 2016

Music composed and mixed by TUSK
Artwork by TUSK based on a photograph by Claudia Kent




TUSK Berlin, Germany

Armed with haunting vocals and synthpop melodies, TUSK inhabits a disco-schizoid fantasy world of multiple personalities to a soundtrack of jagged appropriations of the weirder end of popular music.

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